Our Partners set us apart

Peter Jones Enterprise Academy

At the Peter Jones Enterprise Academy we pride ourselves on our diverse range of business partners, from small local start-ups to international companies, who provide the real life business element of our courses by giving their time, industry knowledge and support to our students.

Allowing the students to have the opportunity to interact with business experts and industry leaders is what sets our courses apart and allows our young entrepreneurs to stand out from the crowd.

We are such firm believers in our ‘learning by doing’ education and the value of our students having the opportunity to develop vital employability skills that we ensure a minimum of 50 per cent of their course is delivered by industry experts.

We have a nationwide network of Business Enterprise Managers (BEMs) who work with the Peter Jones Foundation and within their individual Academies to continually develop the range of businesses that they work with. To recognise the valuable work our BEMs do throughout the year we award a National Business Enterprise Manager of the Year award at our Graduation. One of the winners, Kate Angel, is pictured above with Peter Jones CBE.

Patnership with the Academy is designed to be mutually beneficial. So while our patrons contribute significantly to our enterprise vision, they benefit from a supply of young, innovative and enthusiastic students, whilst contributing to their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goals and employee development. Organisations work with us in a way that suits them and their objectives, from providing an individual Academy with in-kind support or a work placement, to committing to a longer term relationship through our Patron and Cornerstone opportunities.