Vikesh Mistry

I turned down my university offer in favour of the Academy and have now secured funding for my business.

“My ultimate aim is to work for myself. That is what initially led me to the Academy and why I turned down a university offer.

Before the Academy I was studying Business, Design and Accounting at college. At this stage I already had my business idea and what I could make of it one day, but I didn’t have the financial resources or the time to execute the business plan. However, getting into the Academy gave me the perfect opportunity for me to start my own business.

The Academy provided me with phenomenal networking opportunities and I met two vital mentors for my business. I really enjoyed the real life nature of the course because it is more like business and is therefore much more useful and insightful than just learning from a textbook.

Another fantastic opportunity whilst at the Academy was leading a talk at the NEC International Autumn Fair around setting up your own business. Despite the fact that I had no speaking experience, had only recently started at the Academy and was addressing a challenging audience, the talk was a great success and it gave me a huge confidence boost.

I have now set up my business, a driving instructor comparison website, called The Instructor Engine. The site will allow you to choose the perfect driving instructor, as well as selecting options such as where you would like to learn to drive and the type of car you would like to practice in. In Autumn 2013 I was successful in winning the Edge Challenge and was awarded £3000 investment towards my business thereby allowing me to get the website up and running later in 2014.”