Rosie Burr

I'm an acrobatic gymnast and the Academy gave me the confidence and skills to run my own gymnastics business.

“I’m an acrobatic gymnast and was looking for a way to use my passion for performing to make money. The Academy provided me with the confidence and business skills I needed to set up and run my own gymnastics business.”

Rosie’s business involves performing at events, busking and modelling for sports photographers. The busking proved very successful, as it promoted her business whilst making money and most importantly has very little outlay. The most important experience Rosie took away from her time at the Academy was having the confidence and the opportunity to present to a panel of investors, something she would never have dreamt she would be confident in doing when starting the course. Her pitch was a great success, with every panel member offering to invest in her business. Rosie is now at Reading University studying food marketing and business economics and continues to run her gymnastics business to not only  fund her way through her studies, but also to earn some extra capital.