Nathan Dore

As a young single father, I wanted more skills to improve my prospects and give my daughters the security they needed.

“I’m a 23 year old single father with two small girls and was looking for a way to further my skill set, with a view to one day running my own business. So as to provide my girls with the security and safety they needed I took the decision to travel the daily 160 mile round-trip in order to attend the Academy. It is the Academy and its ethos which allowed me to ‘fly’ and I strongly believe that with this support, others can also learn their inherent value and contribute to their own success.”

At the Academy Nathan proved himself mature and committed, creating a branded product and negotiating possible opportunities to advance his business as a start-up. Nathan demonstrated his natural professional leadership qualities while taking his team to runners-up in the national CIPS negotiation challenge at Aston Martin, qualities which allowed him to grow as an individual. His enthusiasm and attitude, his dedication and team ethics brought him a great deal of respect and appreciation from the wider business community, the staff of the Peter Jones Academy and his peers, as well as establishing a loving and caring home for his daughters.