Luke Astill-Boardman

I turned down University to become an Apprentice.

“I’m currently studying on the Advanced Apprenticeship in Enterprise having turned down an offer for a degree in Business Management. I just knew University wasn’t the right path for me, as I prefer to learn by being more hands-on and experiencing the ins and outs of business. As an apprentice, each day is different which is great in my opinion, it stops the job feeling too repetitive so it stays interesting. I actually enjoy coming into work as it gives me a real ‘buzz’ and sense of pride knowing that I am doing something I enjoy, will contribute greatly to my future and gain me lots of contacts and experience, all whilst getting paid.”

Luke’s apprenticeship is with the local council in Oldham and is working on a project to get more young people into the town centre and interacting with the businesses. He is currently working on a voucher book, which more than 30 business from Oldham are participating in and will include one-off offers and advertise places that do student discount. The project has also just started to arrange a diversity music event to be run in March. For more information and updates on the project, you can follow them on Twitter at OProject1. At the end of the apprenticeship Luke plans to stay on the project if it is still being run or will look for a marketing/advertising position at another company.