Louis Bollard

I have a passion for business and achieved very high grades at school, but I was unsure about my future plans.

“I’d always had a strong interest in business and had achieved high grades at school. By joining the Academy I was able to not only set up my business but also develop key skills that allowed me to keep my options open for the future, whether it be to continue running my business, find a job or continue on to University. The Academy taught me the importance of never giving up and the dedication and focus needed to succeed in the business world.”

Louis’ business for the duration of the course was SoapShells, a natural laundry detergent targeted at those with sensitive skin and to eco-friendly markets. His long term business idea is Fasta Pasta - a ‘Subway’ style fast food restaurant selling Pasta. At the Academy Louis was inspired by the guest speaker’s entrepreneurial stories and from attending various events throughout the year. Since the course, whilst deciding on his future plans, Louis has been running a successful micro-business selling helicopter products/toys that he discovered abroad in Barcelona. Business has been booming since October and Louis has sold over 2500 of the toys which has provided funds to further develop his main business further. Louis is currently planning to go to university this September but will continue to run his micro-business alongside in order to pay the fees.