Emily Little

I didn't enjoy school and being heavily dyslexic, I didn't feel it was the right environment for me.

“I never enjoyed school, being heavily dyslexic and never feeling welcome in a highly academic environment. I’d always done my best when I had learnt by doing. Writing an essay was my worst nightmare but getting up and presenting my ideas was second nature. Half-way through my A-Levels and almost being made to feel stupid by a dated system a friend told me about the Academy. I loved it’s philosophy of: Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

After getting into the Academy, relocating and settling in after a few months I felt right at home and could start to envisage and plan my future. I thrived on work experience and seeing some of my work in the public eye.

Four years later, I now find myself running my own photography company and loving it (Emily Little Photography). It’s taken several months of planning with a fine tooth comb and some sleepless nights, as well as getting some of the country’s finest photographic mentors on board, but I’m content with what my business offers and feel the proof is in the pudding, with only two dates left for weddings this year and some published work. This year I established my own studio for portrait and commercial work and am already planning for next year, when hopefully the business will be even bigger and better. There is really nothing better than being your own boss and the Academy gave me the confidence to do that.”