David Humpston

I am thrilled to be the 2014 National Entrepreneur of the Year winner.

“After quitting competitive motorsport and leaving academic education at 18, I wanted to create something of value, starting my first company through the Academy Level 3 course.

After leaving school following A-Levels I wanted to create something without the rigid limits of academia. I was looking for something where I could have autonomy, add value, earn, and learn. After realising that I should become an entrepreneur, and that I couldn’t find a suitable course at university, I discovered the Academy courses from one of Peter Jones’ tweets and signed up at my nearest college the same day.

The course helped me develop as a person as much as it has developed me as a student. I’ve gained real world experience through the course, from listening to truly inspirational guest speakers to going out and launching my business to the general public. Both my college and the main Academy network have been highly supportive. I was delighted to pitch to Peter Jones CBE and a panel of judges ahead of graduation this year and I was thrilled to be the 2014 National Entrepreneur of the Year winner!  

I am now running my own business, Viewpoint Videos, which I developed through the Academy course full time. Viewpoint Videos is in its early stages, but with the £5,000 National Entrepreneur of the Year Award prize money donated by the late Carol Slesser, along with a government StartUp Loan, it’s starting to grow! We’re now set up with our first venue, Rogue Racing in Aylesbury.”