Ayo Jenyo

My childhood dream was to set up my own business. And now I'm an entrepreneur.

“My childhood dream, from the age of seven, was to one day set up and run my very own business. The Academy taught me that entrepreneurship is similar to an iceberg, in that 90 per cent of its mass is underwater. The depth of 90 per cent of an entrepreneur is drive, hunger, ambition, the ability to be a sponge, continually learning and picking up skills amongst many more others. What the academy allowed me to do was to take a dive beneath water in order to explore my limits.”

Throughout his year at the Academy, Ayo faced his fair share of trials but he learnt the importance of positive thinking and hard work, which all paid off when he was awarded the National Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2010. Three years have passed since Ayo graduated from the Academy and he is now running a successful property investment company with two experienced investors. Most recently Ayo was invited to act as the Academy spokesperson when some of our Academy Ambassadors attended a reception at Buckingham Palace with His Royal Highness The Duke of York and Peter Jones CBE.