Our Stories

Ayo Jenyo
My childhood dream was to set up my own business. And now I'm an entrepreneur...
Confused and discouraged about my career path, the Academy definitely pointed me in the right direction.
Having just come out of rehab, I had completely lost all confidence in myself, lacked direction and was desperate to not relapse into old habits...
I was looking for a new challenge in my role at Grant Thornton and the Level 5 Apprenticeship is the ideal opportunity for this.
I'm determined to never stop learning and the Level 5 Apprenticeship is the perfect next step to allow me to do this after graduating from the Academy.
Luke Astill-Boardman
I turned down University to become an Apprentice...
I learned to juggle when I was seven years old and now run a circus performing business
Peter Jones CBE with Jane Flowerdew
I have two children and was made redundant in 2007. I always dreamt of starting my own business, but didn't know how...
Quitting my A-Levels to pursue the course was a perfect decision. I am now National Entrepreneur of the Year 2013
“If you want something you never had, you must be willing to do something you've never done before.”
Peter Jones CBE with Rosie Burr
I'm an acrobatic gymnast and the Academy gave me the confidence and skills to run my own gymnastics business...
"Where there’s a will there’s a way.”
"I believe that life is what you make of it."
Peter Jones CBE with Nathan Dore
As a young single father, I wanted more skills to improve my prospects and give my daughters the security they needed...
The Academy helped me realise that there is an alternative to university….
The Academy allowed me to take control of my life and gave me the encouragement and ambition to take the path that makes me who I am today…
Nick Bannister with Peter Jones CBE
My tutors helped me overcome the disadvantages of having special educational needs and after graduating on the Level 2 course I went onto the Level 3...
Emily Little
I didn't enjoy school and being heavily dyslexic, I didn't feel it was the right environment for me...
I had this great idea for a luxury pet brand and the Academy gave me the knowledge I needed to get the business up and running.
I was determined to study at the Academy and made the bold decision to move from the Shetland Islands to Manchester in order to make it happen!
"I am thrilled to be the 2014 National Entrepreneur of the Year winner!"