PJEA students stir up excitement on campus with launch of HOSH coffee

Two PJEA students at Leicester College have joined forces (and names) to create HOSH, a business selling hot drinks and pastries, as part of Trading Week at Leicester College between 20-25 March. The week saw students demonstrate their customer service and transactional skills by setting up stalls selling goods or services to staff and students. 

Staff and students praised Josh Cooledge and Henry Jesson for their impressive branding, innovative marketing and outstanding customer service skills on their coffee stall. In just six days, they made enough money to cover their set up costs with an additional £100 profit. 

“I chose to create a pop-up coffee stand because I love coffee and how it gets people together” said Josh, “It was such a fun week chatting to customers and delivering a great product.”

“We’d love to make a success of HOSH and get the name out there,” he continued. “We’re looking into getting printed gazebos and buying a new coffee machine in the near future.”

Staff at the college were most impressed by HOSH’s pre-order service, which allowed busy staff members to order food and drinks in advance via email. Josh and Henry also had aprons and posters created with their business’ logo on them and took over Leicester College’s Snapchat for a day to market their stall. 

“It’s rare that learners completely surprise you but the gentlemen from HOSH did just that,” said Mark Webb, a lecturer at Leicester College and loyal HOSH customer. “The businesses created during trading week often feel more like stalls, but the HOSH boys created a brand”.

HOSH’s excellent customer service and cheerful attitude have secured them additional bookings at future college events, including Leicester College’s PJEA showcase event in May. 

We wish Henry and Josh the best of luck for the future of HOSH!